Newsletter May 2022

Newsletter May 2022


Dear Members and Friends,
The end of May is rapidly approaching and we find ourselves but a few days before the big opening regatta of the season, Les Voiles d’Antibes. Some of you have already cruised or raced and we were pleased to see some members already training up for the start of hostilities in the season long battle to lift “The Mediterranean Champions Cup” which will take our members to France, Italy and Spain this year. It won’t be an easy battle either, as a new rating formula has been implemented leaving many with a question mark over which sails to declare and how they can achieve the best compromise. I am sure that many interesting discussions will take place throughout the long haul towards October and the end of the 2022 sailing season.
Breaking Partner/Sponsor News.

It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce an important partnership which will allow the VCYC to grow in a very positive way. “BOYD”, an award winning interactive app which helps the viewer interact with and discover different products, events and places, has placed their sizeable media and partner base at the VCYC’s disposal for this year. We are absolutely delighted to welcome this offer of help and funding to take your club into a new phase of development. Together, we are working hard to make this experience more fun and interactive. Check out the BOYD App here: 
App Store:
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What is BOYD, I hear you ask?
Below is a brief description and some testimonials.



BOYD creates fun, entertaining, interactive experiences on mobile. It features interesting people, their passions and their lifestyles and is supported by luxury brands who use BOYD to engage their customers. It has been honoured in the 5 biggest digital media awards in Europe and USA alongside finalists National Geographic, The Times, Reuters, BBC, GQ and Financial Times. 

“If Apple made a magazine – it would probably look like this.”

The Judges – Webby Awards

“The concept of BOYD is truly a bold step forward into the future of digital communication. Besides the high quality visual content, as an interactive user experience it leads the way.” 

Bentley Motors

“Most Apps seem like they have been scaled down to fit the constraints of mobile. Not BOYD, which seems to have elastic walls. It is as if the contents had shaped the form, rather than the other way round. For the sailing community this is essential immersion and fun.”

Julian Allaston – Financial Times

“BOYD is a fresh, interactive experience. There is significant rich content and it’s great to see something that is not diluted by advertising. This is a truly exciting multi-sensory application and one which Edmiston clients are already enjoying.”

Edmiston & Co

“At the leading edge of technology, BOYD offers a fantastic experience for yachting enthusiasts and reflects the show’s ambition to be alongside global brands in the luxury sector.”   Monaco Yacht Show


The VCYC is proud to welcome three new members this past month, bringing us to a total of 34. 

 “Sky 1890”, a gaff rigged yawl built in 1890 and which out-ranks “Myfanwy” as our oldest yacht member and who claims to have hosted Brigitte Bardot aboard back in the day! She is a beautiful reminder of the Victorian era of yachting and so few are now left for our pleasure. She joins our growing Big Boat class.

“Baruna” has also signed up. I believe that she is still undergoing a full restoration,soon to finish and which many of you are following on Instagram, and we eagerly await news of her first event with us this year. For those of you who don’t know, she is an S&S yawl from 1938 and a big one at that! Almost 22 metres overall and historically fast in all weather. I,for one, am eager to see her back in her element and doing battle with our already impressive S&S fleet.

“Madrifa 2” a Dick Carter one tonner from 1974, has also joined us and we are very happy since our classic fleet has now grown to a healthy nine yachts. If you would like more info on her more, you will find it on our website by clicking on the Yacht Members tab.

Puig Vela Clàssica BarcelonaXII EditionJuly 10-13, 2019


The new rating formula is now in force and some of you have already received your certificate. But what does it all mean? How do I know which sails to declare, or how will my authenitcity coefficient change? These are difficult questions to answer and only racing can provide the necessary data to be able to compare your yacht with the others. There has been a lot of talk about the mizzen staysail measurements for ketches and yawls recently, some perceiving it to be harsh and others willing to take the hit in order to keep racing their yachts as designed. It should be remembered that under most of the world’s rating rules, sail area is measured. Under CIM it has been guessed and many yachts are able to benefit from free sail area due to non measurement of actual sail area. We also have a diverse fleet, some desinged for inshore racing and others for offshore long hauls. While the CIM rating rule will never be absolutly perfect, it should be respected as they are trying to adapt to an increasingly competitive fleet. I could go on for hours about this subject but I will stop there. I look forward to discussing this topic with you over a beer or a glass of champagne!

Thank you.

At the end of last season, a yacht member, none other than “Sagittarius”, made a very generous offer of a solid silver trophy to include among the VCYC perpetual trophies. This offer was graciously accepted and the VCYC is now in possession of the “Andre Lafitte” perpetual trophy dedicated by his son, Thierry, to the gaff class for the best performing yacht within the VCYC Mediterranean Champions Cup series. Thank you so much, Thierry.

Top Tip of the month.

We all have mishaps on board during the season. Spilled drinks, olive oil from sandwiches, greasy winch bearings that try to escape! Not to worry, for oily and greasy stains use K2R spray which dries to a white powder and is easily washed away.

For red wine use salt and for everything else some water. Beer doesn’t stain in my experience but don’t quote me on that! Guinness, however, I cannot say as it is too precious to spill!!

Historical Note.

Sky was launched in 1890 only three years after Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee to which fifty kings and princes were invited. The Queen was seventy one years old and in the fifty third year of her reign. 


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