Newsletter February 2022

Newsletter February 2022

Dear Members and Friends,

Tempus Fugit!

Yes, time really does fly and now we find ourselves on the doorstep of spring and a new season of racing that is just around the corner. I hope your preparations are going to plan and you will all be ready to race for this second VCYC championship.


This month we welcome five new members to the VCYC family. Barbara, Stormy Weather, Voscia, Myfanwy and Varuna have all signed up to this adventure and we take great pleasure in their diversity and pedigree. S&S are always up there in the fore front of member yachts and it is lovely to have Nicholson and Richardson represented too. A special mention goes to Myfanwy for being the oldest yacht member. 125 years under her keel and still going strong.

I, personally, am very proud to have achieved in excess of 30 VCYC members and am extremely positive about the future of this new organisation.


It was with great pleasure that I read the February issue of Classic Boat magazine and found an article about the VCYC and its’ Mediterranean Championship. This was not looked for but we are very happy that the word is being spread far and wide and this is thanks to the owners and sailors who have joined up, believing that this is a worthwhile venture. Beware, however, the dock has ears!!


We have had a little feedback on the Master of Series question and are hopeful that we can find a solution before the start of the season. One member has graciously put forward some suggestions and we are looking at the budget for 2022 very closely to see if it is an option. As you all know, we are a small club with very limited ressources so we must be careful to make the right decisions.

On that note, if you havent yet paid your 2022 membership fee then please do it now. We need your help.

The VCYC has also been in contact with the five event organisations that make up our championship this year and I am happy to report that the response has been extremely positive. There remains much to do to make the event a memorable one but we are ever hopeful that everything will fall into place to make this second edition an event that will continue to endure for a long time to come. 

By the way, the Notice of Series is now on the website should you be interested. We are also posting links to the events and their Notices of Race to help you better find your way.


The VCYC would like to thank James Robinson Taylor for his generous contribution to our website and club in general. You can support him by clicking the link and ordering a great photo of your yacht!

Best regards,


Top tip of the month #2.

If you have bronze fittings to polish and at the beginning of the season they are very tarnished, try washing the said fittings with a bespoke bathroom descaler and a very fine scotch pad. This will remove most of the surface corrosion and make the polishing very much easier!

Historical Note.

Alexander Richardson designed a yacht called “Irex” in 1884 for the well known Irish whiskey distiller John Jameson. Myfanwy was designed only three years later and is 125 years old. She will be racing for the championship this year!


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